Trying to Keep Your Home Cool?

Window tinting may be the answer to your problem

The sun's rays blasting into your living room or kitchen can heat up your home quickly. If you want to be sure your home stays cool, window film can help by reflecting up to 97% of the infrared heat! Solar Control Window Tinting in St. Anthony, IN offers residential tinting. Our residential tinting and film application jobs include an 8- to 10-year warranty, so you can expect your tint to last.

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How window tinting can help you

How window tinting can help you

Tinting the windows of your home is a great way to negate harsh sunlight. With any job we do, we offer free consultations and estimates as well as an efficiency test for your current windows. Our high-grade window films and tints offer:

  • Heat rejection
  • Fade resistance
  • Increased privacy

Subjecting leather furniture or similar pieces to harsh sunlight can lead to fading and damage. With a high-grade window tint, you can lessen the impact of the sun on your home's interior. Schedule your window film application by emailing us now.